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Anonymous asked: Any love advice for guys? PLEASE

HAHA all caps, must be a serious need. :)) 

I’m not speaking for all the girls in the world, and this doesn’t just apply to guys ha. Pwede to girls who are courting also or something hehe anway, in my opinion, NEVER EVER be torpe. If you like someone, ipakita mo :) 

Anonymous asked: are you the jealous type? :)

Short answer, YES :P

Anonymous asked: Hi can you give me a good piece of love advice off the top of your head? I'm seeing someone and I don't know if he's the one

hmm okay! Be with someone who isn’t afraid to show/tell the world that he/she’s with you. It’s the best feeling when that person shows you off <3 Or maybe that’s just me :))

Anonymous asked: So, you know your stuff and are super talented. What would be the perfect date for you? :)

Awww well I never really had a solid idea of the perfect date because I enjoy a lot of different things. A date at home, a date sight-seeing or doing crazy things, going to the grocery (HAHA), etc. are all good with me :) Surprise me. Hahaha

Regina Baron Reinoso

—Thinkin Bout You - Reg Reinoso cover (sample)

Featuring my noisy dog. HAHA :)) You need earphones to hear this btw


Anonymous asked: You're really beautiful, both inside and out :) Stay happy!

What a nice thing to see first thing in the morning :)) thank you :)

Anonymous asked: your past, present, and future relationships are and will be lucky, you give effort. i just dont get why your exes left you, their loss anyway.

We all have our reasons for doing things. I don’t hold a grudge against any of them. I probably should be thanking them because they pushed me to be a lot stronger! Plus I’m happy with my life now :) hehe thank you though! You’re sweet.